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I have sent you a few emails to try to make you aware that your files are not currently being backed up.

This is your last chance to activate MyPC Backup and start protecting your files otherwise we will delete your files you backed up tonight at Midnight.

I’m sorry I couldn’t persuade you that backing up is now part of our digital life we now live in and it's an insurance we now need to stop us from losing all our irreplaceable files, photo's and documents.

As a last ditch attempt to get you to automate your computer backup’s here is a 70% Discount.

Protect your files today with a 70% discount: https://secure.mypcbackup.com/?scoup=70

You have until midnight tonight otherwise we will have to delete the files you backed up with us and you won’t be able to restore these files if you have a computer crash and lose them

Unfortunately though Mustafa, there are still some files on your computer which we did not manage to backup as you need to add more storage space.

Again my apologies Mustafa

Best Regards,

Account Manager
MyPC Backup

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